Pickling and coating


At the Wengern plant:


  • HCL bath (hydrochloric acid 20-30%)
  •  KMnO4 tanks


and for coating:

phosphate/lime/oxalate/perbonder/soap/coating (salt-coating)



At the Werdohl plant:


  • Salt bath 490°C
  • Sulphuric acid bath, H2SO4, 5-20% and (70°C-75°C)
  • Nitric hydrofluoric acid HNO3/HF 25%/3% at RT
  • Nitric hydrofluoric acid HNO3/HF (30°C bis 60°C)
  • Rinse tank RT
  • Rinse tank 80°C
  • Splash rinse with high pressure
  •  Hydrochloric acid tank 10%
  •  Alkaline degreasing
  •  Coating tank (coating upon need, lime/CV etc.)


Dimensions of the tank ca. L 150 x W 150 x D 180 cm

C-hook length 110 cm/crane load max. 1.6 t

Drying chamber ca. W 280 x L 300 x H 400 cm


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